The general Shelter phone number is 857.323.0388.
  • The Shelter is located at 276 County Farm Road in Dover, NH. It shares the building with Southeastern NH Services and shares the parking lot with the Strafford County Jail.                
  • The Shelter functions on a low-barrier model. This means that proof of sobriety from subtances is not required, although on-site substance use and indoor smoking are prohibited and grounds for loss of access to the shelter.
Transportation to/from the Shelter is available on the Coast Bus Route 33 to the County Complex from the Dover Transportation Center on weekdays. Supplemental weekend transportation to/from the Dover Transportation Center is scheduled based on weather and client need. Social Service partners and cities and towns in Strafford County are encouraged to coordinate transportation for residents in need of emergency extreme weather shelter whenever possible.
COAST is providing the following generous support to this Emergency Shelter Activation:
- Provide free rides to individuals taking Route 33 to go to the Emergency Shelter
- Provide a shuttle in the evenings, departing at 8pm from the DTC (Dover Train Station) each weeknight, to get folks to the shelter once Route 33 has ended for the day (free). The shuttle will only operate if individuals are wanting to go to the shelter. The shuttle will operate directly between the DTC and the shelter, without serving any stops in-between.
-Provide a morning and evening shuttle this Saturday, departing from the DTC (Dover Train Station) at 8am and 8pm, followed by an inbound from the shelter if anyone wants to return to town. These runs will operate regardless of whether there are riders wanting to go out to the shelter from downtown and can stop at recognized Route 33 stops on Sixth Street on the way out to and in from the shelter.

Shelter Staff/Volunteers

Follow THIS LINK to the Shelter Staffing Sign-Up for the current (Weds Jan 30th to Sunday Feb 3rd) Strafford County Emergency Weather Shelter event at 276 County Farm Road in Dover, NH. This link is for those volunteers/staff who have completed a training for this emergency shelter, have worked at a previous activation of this shelter, or have been designated eligible by IDN staff (including MRC/CERT/DBHRT/ESR-VHP/MMRS). If you are not sure if you fall into one of these three categories, please contact Tory Jennison at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Please ONLY select a shift when you are confident you can make that shift!)



The next Shelter Staff/Volunteer Training date is to be determined. 




The following donations (in NEW condition) are appreciated and can be dropped off at the shelter at any time during an activation/opening: (items in blue are priority needs).


Adult coloring books/markers/pens


Cuties oranges/tangerines

Plastic forks and spoons
Cheezit cracker packets
Gatorade - 12 oz bottles
Soft cereal bars
Heavy wool socks
Dial soap bars
Travel sized toothpaste
Hand warmers
Coffee for drip coffee makers
Bottled water
New pillows/pillowcases

For other questions about donations, please contact Tory Jennison at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..